(H.E.M) REIC Meet and Greet Events


(H.E.M) REIC – Real Estate Investment Club

contract co-managed by MKCR Events for (H.E.M) REIC

(H.E.M) REIC Is a private, closely held club managed by (H.E.M). The Club is focused on building wealth and success for its members and investors from high quality real estate deals and investment opportunities.

We are an invite only Membership Club. To receive an invite for Membership consideration, please complete the following online “Request for Invitation” online form. This Invite request will be for an Invitation to attend a (H.E.M) REIC Meet and Greet event to meet the CoFounders and management team of (H.E.M) REIC in person. This is required before a Member can become a Member of (H.E.M) REIC.

For more information please feel email us at contact@MKCRevents.com

To learn more about our parent company (H.E.M) visit HEMexperiences.com