Scenic View of Mt. Namsan and The Millenium Hilton Hotel located in Seoul, South Korea

Join us in South Korea

MKCR Events and Hawaii Entertainment Media will provide high-quality networking and presentations on Hawaii based EB5 projects and networking opportunities for Esports Business Builders, Digital Content Creators including 4DX & VR as well as curated Hawaii Travel experience packages for both in-person and virtual reality experiences.

South Korea is becoming a leading global tech business destination especially for Esports, VR, 4DX and Metaverse opportunities.

We are inviting Hawaii Project Developers, especially Digital Content Creators, Esports Business Builders and Tourist Industry Executives interested in business networking meetings or EB5 capital with or from South Korean business professionsals, join us at our event.

Our next event dates are scheduled for 6 days in South Korea from June 27 to July 3,

June 28 & 29 – Digital Content Creators & Esports Business Networking Meetings

June 30 & July 1 – EB5 Presentations

July 2 – Curated Hawaii Travel Presentations

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