Pitch Your Venture


NMGv Connect Event

We cordially invite women and ally growth mindset entrepreneurs with a tech venture or real estate project seeking funding or strategic business services to apply to Pitch Your Venture at NMGv Connect Events on May 11, 19, June 8, 16, Jul 6 or 14 (2024).

Venture Pitchers will have up to 15 minutes to Pitch their Venture to our audience of angel investors, VCs, strategic funding resources and business resource providers with a Billionaire Growth Mindset.


To Pitch Your Venture, please complete our online Pitch Your Venture Request Form, the link to the form is https://goo.gl/forms/EPdxRGdnMS7py4rX2


If you are an angel investor, VC, strategic funding resource or business services provider, please RSVP and click herešŸ‘‰ https://lu.ma/NMGvSaturdays2024-1Ā